Simplify Web App Deployment with Azure App Service and GitHub

Simplify Web App Deployment with Azure App Service and GitHub

In today's digital age, having a reliable and scalable web hosting platform is crucial for businesses and developers. Microsoft Azure offers a robust solution for hosting web applications, including PHP-based websites. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of deploying a PHP web app to Azure using Azure App Service and GitHub for continuous deployment.


Before we dive into the deployment process, here are a few prerequisites:

  • GitHub Account: Ensure that you have a GitHub account.

  • Azure Account: Sign in to your Azure portal (

Step 1: Set Up Your GitHub Repository

  1. Create a New GitHub Repository: Start by creating a new GitHub repository for your PHP web app.

  2. Upload Your PHP Web App: Upload your PHP web app files to the GitHub repository. Make sure these files are in the repository's root directory.

Step 2: Create an Azure App Service

  1. Access the Azure Portal (screenshot): In the Azure portal, click the "+ Create a resource" button.

  2. Select App Service (screenshot): Search for "App Service" and select it from the results. Click the "Create" button.

  3. Configure App Service Settings (screenshot): Fill out the required information in the Azure App Service creation form:

    • Subscription: Select your Azure subscription.

    • Resource Group: Create a new or select an existing resource group.

    • Name: Choose a unique name for your Azure App Service.

    • Publish: Select "Code."

    • Runtime Stack: Choose the version of PHP you want to use (e.g., PHP 7.4).

    • Operating System: Select either Windows or Linux based on your PHP application.

    • Region: Choose a region closest to your target audience.

    • App Service Plan: Create a new plan or select an existing one based on your requirements.

  4. Review and Create: Review your settings, and then click the "Review + create" button.

  5. Create App Service: After validation passes, click "Create" to create the Azure App Service.

Step 3: Deploy Your PHP Web App

  1. Automatic Deployment: Azure will automatically trigger a deployment when you save the deployment configuration.

  2. Deployment Progress: Monitor the deployment progress in the Azure portal.

Step 4: Access Your Deployed PHP Web App

  1. Find the URL: Once the deployment is successful, you can access your PHP web app by navigating to the Azure App Service's URL. You can find the URL in the Azure portal, typically in the "Overview" section of your App Service.

  2. Up and Running: Your PHP web app is now up and running on Azure!


By following these simple steps, you've successfully deployed your PHP web app to Azure using Azure App Service and continuous deployment from a GitHub repository. This approach makes it easy to keep your web app up to date by automatically deploying changes from your GitHub repository.

Whether you're hosting a personal website, a business application, or an open-source project, Azure App Service provides a reliable and scalable platform to ensure your web app is accessible to users worldwide.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with Azure or web development, feel free to reach out. Happy coding, and enjoy your cloud-hosted PHP web app on Azure!